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Real Estate Photography Makes a Difference

I was cruising the Massachusetts Multiple Listing Service looking at home for some of my buyers.  I noticed how poor some of the real estate photography was on some of the listings with most of the real estate photography being mediocre at best.  I pulled one photo because I couldn’t believe someone would use this photograph to market a home.

Why would you hire this agent? Certainly not because of there real estate photography skills.


Real Estate Photography for Massachusetts Home Sellers

Samples of my real estate photography for kitchens

Below is a sample of some of the real estate photography of kitchens of some of my most recent listings.  I would also like to note that the price range of these homes are from$50,000 to $750,000.  You get the same quality real estate photography no matter what price range your home may be in.


The importance of real estate photography in marketing your home

Short of pricing your home properly, real estate photography is the most important tool we have to market your home.  80% of all home buyers found listing photographs to be the most useful media in purchasing their home.    Home buyers choose homes they would like to see based upon the photographs they are seeing online.   If the real estate photography catches their attention they will schedule a showing to view the home personally.

Quality is more important that quantity when it comes to marketing your home with real estate photography.  30 bad photographs don’t outweigh 12 quality photographs.  I guarantee a great photographic representation of your home will outweigh many other marketing tools that agents may offer.

What makes my real estate photography better?

I started my professional career as a photographer doing both commercial and portrait work.  When I photograph a home a utilize almost $3500 in photography equipment and software to present your home including a full blown DLSR on a tripod, not a dinky point and shoot camera.  I combine techniques like High Dynamic Range Photography with multiple flashes, along with processing each photograph of your home in Adobe Photoshop.   I generally spend between 2-5 hours on creating an image for your home with real estate photography.

When hiring a Real Estate Agent to market your home, make sure they bring sample of their listing sheets so you can see the level of photography they bring to the table.

Quality Real Estate Photography= Showings

Showings= Offers

More Offers= High Selling Price


This post, Real Estate Photography Makes a Difference, is for Massachusetts Home Sellers who want the utmost in online presentation for marketing their home.  Kevin Vitali can assist with great photography and can be reached at 978-360-0422.



  • Janis Sweeney
    July 6, 2017

    Could you tell your availability and price?

    • Massachusetts Realtor
      July 8, 2017

      I am isually availablw with in a day or two. Price is variable depending on what you are looking for. Call 978 360 0422

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