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Three Simple Tips to Prepare Your Home to Sell

As the spring market starts to heat up, home sellers are getting their homes ready to enter the real estate market.  There are three simple tips to prepare your home to sell. While your home may benefit from some costlier repairs, not every home seller can spend a lot of money preparing there home for the real estate market.  But, there are three simple, no cost our low cost solutions that a home seller can do to prepare their home.  First impression are very important with most things in life.  This is also true when selling your home.  You want to the home buyers to have a great first impression of your home.

Three Simple Tips to Prepare Your Home to Sell

#1 Tips to Prepare Your Home to Sell- Declutter

Declutter- Cost $0 Your moving start packing up what you don’t need and store it neatly out of the way.  I’m not talking about tidying up I mean get it out of there!  When it comes to selling your home de-cluttering accomplishes two things.
  1. Opens up the spaces…. with less stuff, the rooms look bigger.
  2. Lets the buyer focus on the house and not personal items.
First off get rid of all knick knacks and collections and personal items. No one wants to see your 300 snow babies.   The kitchen spaces should be devoid of all but the most essential items on its surfaces.  If you have appliances you don’t use or use often store it away.  Bathroom surfaces should be free of all personal items… think of using a storage basket while your getting ready but than sliding it under a bed during the day when showings occur.  Closets and drawers should be neatly organized.  If your not using something store it or get rid of it. Get rid of bulky barely used furniture.  Again you want to open up the spaces and make them look larger and keep traffic patterns wide open. When selling your home, less is more…….

#2 Tips to Prepare Your Home to Sell- Clean

Massachusetts home sellers need to clean, clean, clean!!Clean- Cost $0 Home buyers love a home that is sparkling clean.  Over the years, not one home buyer has ever complained to me about a home that is spotless.  While it is important to have the entire home clean from top to bottom it is particularly important to pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms.  Home buyers tend to perceive a clean home as a well maintained home.  Don’t forget the sliders and the windows too!! If your struggling with time, I have had house cleaners come in and do a top to bottom cleaning from $350 to $500 dollars on moderate sized homes.  Don’t be afraid to spend a little money.  Trust me you will recoup the several hundred dollars on the sale. While a good deep cleaning is important, don’t forget to keep it clean while your on the market.  I know as well as anyone, especially with two young boys, that it is easier said than done.

#3 Tips to Prepare Your Home to Sell- Fresh Paint

Painting- $50-$500 Dollar for dollar there is no better return on painting when it comes to selling your home.  If the walls are scuffed or you have strong personalized colors nothing goes further than fresh paint.  Make sure the paint job is well done…. if you can’t do it hire a professional or ask some friends for help.  Don’t forget a fresh coat on door and window trim as well as a fresh coat on the front door! Oh and a fresh coat on ceilings can do wonders! Don’t be afraid to bring your real estate agent in early to make suggestions in getting your home ready.  Better yet a home staging consultation can be some of the best money spent.  Any good listing agent will have the name of a great home stager. _________________________________________________________________________________

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