Can your photography make or break you?

Real Estate Photography- marketing your home
Marketing your home with photography!!

I have posted several real estate photography articles in the past.  I think it is important for sellers to look at their listing agents photography and ask themselves two questions:

  • Is the listing agent taking high quality photographs?


  • Is the listing agent hiring a professional to take photographs?

The marketing of real estate has changed drastically over the past 10 years with the internet becoming the primary way buyers are discovering properties.  Buyers are no longer as reliant on their real estate agent to choose properties for them.  The buyers have access to everything right at their finger tips right on line. Your homes photography is in the first line of the marketing of your home. If the buyer does not like what they see they will not call an agent to schedule an appointment.


My Real Estate Listing


Real Estate Photography
Other Listing Photo

Sample Photos:  The two photos to the left show identical condominiums that were on the market exactly at the same time.  I personally, always try and photograph a home with full sunlight on the front and blue sky in the background.  It make for a much more compelling presentation to potential home buyers.  Ultimately I sold my condo in half the time and for $15,000 more.

Don’t underestimate the power good listing photographs have in the marketing of your home.   When it come to the internet:

good photos= more click thru= more showings!!

Lets look at how buyers choose homes. Buyers usually go on line and are looking at multiple thumbnails of properties at the same time.  Your house is competing visually with multiple properties at the same time.  Many times their are upwards of 25 properties showing up for a buyer to scroll thru.

If the first image in the line up is not compelling, chances are that a buyer will not investigate your home more.  Once you catch the buyers attention it is important to follow up with carefully thought out additional photographs of your home.  Many buyers will not talk to an agent until they are compelled to view a property in person.

Hopefully as a homeowner you can see the importance good photography can have in the marketing and sale of your home.


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