Tips for Seasonal and Holiday Decorating for During Home Showings

Any time of year can be a good time of year to sell your home even during the holiday.  With the some major holidays coming up around the corner here are a few seasonal and holiday decorating tips to remember while showing your home during the holidays.

Remember when it comes to holiday decorating and as much as you love a particular holiday, some of you home buyers may not participate in that holiday and can find it offensive, especially if it is over done.

Keep it simple–  Keep you holiday and seasonal decorating simple.  A few pieces here and there can certainly add some holiday warmth to your home.  Just don’t…. don’t over do it.

Keep it natural and neutral-  Many seasonal and holiday decorations are from nature anyways.  But as you go though what decorations you are putting out try to keep things natural and towards the neutral side.

Keep it tasteful-  As much as you like your giant, blow up Santa snow globe home buyers may find it tacky.

As an aside this time of year in new England will bring leaves and snow.  In the fall season, make sure you show off your pristine yard by removing the leaves.  Also keep in mind with snow, ice and wet leaves comes safety.  Makes sure all the drives and walk ways are cleared of snow and wet leaves so no one will slip and fall.

Remember the point of these tips is to have home buyers focus on your home and not the decorations.  If they walk away remembering your home as the one with the life size nativity creche made out of robotic figurines rather than the home with the gourmet kitchen and open living space…. perfect for holiday entertaining of family or friends, then you failed.

This article, Tips for Seasonal and Holiday Decorating for During Home Showings, was provided by Kevin Vitali of EXIY Group One Real Estate.

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