Thinking of Selling Your Home This Spring?

Are you thinking of selling your home this spring?  You and a lot of other homeowners are getting the thought to sell or have thought of selling for several months already.

While we sell homes all your long many homeowners feel that the spring market is the best market to sell a home.  You have the flowers in bloom, the trees filled out, longer days and warmer weather.  I certainly believe the time to sell your home is when it’s time to sell your home and I would not wait until the next spring market, but we will save that for another blog post.

Thinking of Selling Your Home This Spring? Contact your agent now!

If you are thinking of selling your homes this spring, now is the best time to contact your agent, not one week before it is time to list your home.   The absolute best home sale is the ones that are carefully crafted.  How do I define best home sale?  These are the sales where the home sells for top dollar and sell very quickly and actually in some cases sells for over asking.   These sales usually don’t just happen, it requires strategic planning.

Selecting an agent now allows you time to choose the agent you want to work with and work with that agent to prepare your home and marketing materials.

Very few homes do I walk into and not make suggestions of how to prepare properly for the real estate market.  Suggestions of course will be based upon your desired outcome, your budget and your timeline.  Preparation could include:

If you want top notch marketing of your home, it will take some time to prepare the following marketing pieces of your home.  Today’s home buyers are making so many decisions based on what they see on the internet.  As a home seller you want a topnotch presentation of your home to compel buyers to want to put an offer in on your home.

A great home sale is a carefully crafted plan

I have been selling real estate for about 12 years now and I can tell you the best home sales end up being a carefully executed plan.  Check out this article about How to have a great home sale”

The home in this article went under agreement the first couple of days with over 60 groups of people at the first open house.  The owner were long time clients of mine and actually contacted me in the early part of the fall, knowing they would need time to prepare their home.  They have sold a couple of homes with me and every time we have sold their home in the first week with each home going over asking.

Real Estate Sign front yardWhat is the difference?  They understand that that it takes time to properly prepare a home for the real estate market to maximize the profit potential.  Realize that this home was quite lovely and was not in need of repair or they were horrible housekeepers.  Just about every home requires a little bit of help to get it quickly and for top dollar.  What did we do to this home… we rearranged the living room, turned a downstairs room into a family room (it was being used as a bedroom they never used), repainted the kitchen cabinets, staged the back yard, cleaned the roof and some painting around the outside entry and some of the interior walls.

Here is another homeowner that took the time to work with me and they were extremely pleased with the results.  At closing they felt that the extra work they put into preparing their home gained them an additional $10,000-15,000.

If you want to sell your home this spring, contact your agent now so you can have the time to put all the pieces together properly.  Do we list homes in a day, absolutely, home owners ask us to do it all the time, but in many cases its hurried and rushed and the home seller does not do the things they need to do to truly make a great home sale.  But if you are truly wanting to maximize your home sale, take the time to get your home prepared properly and give your agent time to prepare the marketing materials.


Kevin Vitali as been helping homeowners sell their homes in northeastern Massachusetts.  Kevin Vitali offers a unique marketing plan that maximizes the true potential of your home.  For your marketing presentation call Kevin at 978-360-0422.