How to Refresh the Exterior Look of Your Home to Up Its Value

Quality exterior renovation projects can refresh the outside appeal of your home as well as give it lasting beauty and protection.

Use Durable Exterior Fiber Cement Siding

Protect the exterior of your home with fiber cement siding, a strong alternative siding like no other. This type of material protects your home by having resistance to fire, bugs, wind, rain, sun, and the other rough elements of nature.

With the resistance that fiber cement siding offers, this material is less likely to warp and the color you choose will stay bold for much longer than it would on regular exterior sidings. Your house will stay looking great and will outlast similar homes on your block that have regular exterior siding material.

Great for the environment, fiber cement siding also keeps the inside of your house warm and dry, saving you money when the weather gets cold outside.

Reputable companies are confident that fiber cement siding offers your home such great protection that warranties often are up to 50 years, proving that this material is made to last.

Fiber cement siding will make your home look great while protecting it and increasing your home’s value.

Install High-Quality Shingles on Your Roof

Having a roof with shingles that are not in prime condition will decrease your home’s value. You can fix this by investing and installing high-quality, durable roofing shingles that are made to last while looking great.

The best laminated roofing shingles are made out of a polymer modified asphalt, ensuring that the shingles adhere to the roof perfectly and stay on even in the harshest weather conditions, protecting your roof. This type of roofing shingle seals your roof against water while holding up in winds of up to 140 miles per hour. Your home will stay dry in big storms, protecting what you value the most. Polymer Modified asphalt roofing shingles protect your roof from the sun, keeping the color that you choose bright and long-lasting. Your roof will stay beautiful and in great condition for longer, upping the value of your home.

Give Your Home a Log-Cabin Feel with Steel Log Siding

You can refresh the exterior look of your home by installing steel log siding to give your home the look of a log cabin with great protection. Wood is prone to warping, fading, chipping, and needing to be replaced often while steel log siding protects your home for many years without any worry of that happening.

Steel log siding means there is no wood that could rot and no wood for bugs to infest. This siding will not warp or fade and does not need to be replaced as wood does.

Maintenance of steel log siding is as easy as just washing it off, making it very easy to keep this exterior material looking brand new and beautiful.

Steel material is resistant to fire, ensuring that you do not have to worry about your house burning down for any reason. Recyclable, steel log siding is a great exterior material for your cabin-style home that will protect it for life and up your home’s value in the market.

Build a Wood Deck with Strong, Beautiful Wood

modified wood decking

Another great way to increase the value of your home and refresh how the exterior looks is to build a strong outdoor deck with beautiful modified wood that is enhanced with a bio-based liquid. The best outdoor enhanced wood will last for at least 30 years and will come with a warranty for assurance.

Modified wood decking will look beautiful even after time in the weather, developing a natural color. By using a very strong wood that has been enhanced in this way, you will reduce the warping of the wood so it will last for many years.

Your deck will be much more resistant to rotting and bug infestations, ensuring that you will not have to replace it anytime soon. Modified wood decks will not take much maintenance besides sweeping it clean, making it a great material for those who have busy lives.

Increase the Value of Your Home with a Fresh Exterior Look

These are all ways that you can improve the look of the exterior of your home which in turn will increase your home’s value. By using high-quality materials you can better protect your home and make it more sustainable while saving money.

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