A Short Sale Realtor Should Never……

I have been on several short sale appointments lately where agents have been promising upside down sellers specific results in a short sale.

An agent can never promise an outcome from a bank in a short sale.

As a seller be wary of any short sale negotiator or agent that promises a specific result.  There is no way someone can predict the outcome of a bank.  It is entirely the bank/ investors who decide what they will offer a seller in a short sale.

Even if one short sale went well with a particular bank in the past, this does not indicate a future result.  Every deal is different and their are many different parties involved.  Many time you will find a big name bank as the servicer of a loan with an unknown investor behind the loan.  Each investor will have its own policies of how they handle a short sale.

It is very important to work with a short sale agent that has your best interest at heart and will be honest and up front with you.  Do your research on a potential agent to see if they have the experience and track record to provide you with the best results possible.

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