Massachusetts Buyers Agent- What Can I do for You?

Purchasing a new home, whether it is for the first time or if you are upgrading, downsizing, etc…. can be a very exciting time.  On the other hand, a real estate transaction is filled with many complexities.  Buying a home is filled with legal issues and a buyer and a seller that can be very emotionally charged.

The good part is you do not need to go it alone. A competent Buyer’s Agent can be worth their weight in gold. Many buyer’s believe an agent finds them a new home.  Finding the homes is the easy part, anybody can do that. A good buyer’s agent can and will perform any and all of the following services.

I have over 14 years experience as a Massachusetts REALTOR.  I have been involved in hundreds and hundreds of real estate transactions.  Every transaction I do helps me gain more experience to help my home buyers.

What Can A Massachusetts Buyer’s Agent Do For You?

  • Discuss and assess your individual needs.  I can help you discuss and evaluate your needs.  I can bring valuable insight to the table from the experience gained by working with hundreds before you.
  • Bring an objective view to the process.  As much as you don’t think so, buying a home can get emotional.  Part of my job is to remind you of your original goals and needs so you do not make a bad purchase.
  • Help arrange the professional you will need through the process (attorneys, home inspectors, mortgage professionals, movers….) I have many professionals who take a similar approach to me that can help you in every aspect of the home buying process. From arranging a pre-approval letter with a mortgage broker to walking you thru the home inspection to securing movers…. I can help.
  • Provide you with the knowledge and experience gained through the closing of 100’s of transactions.  Experience counts.  I can tell you you don’t know what you don’t know!  But I do.
  • Educate you about current market conditions and trends and help you analyze the data.   Understanding current market conditions will set the stage of how you search for homes, structure an offer and negotiate terms.  Most buyer’s view of market conditions are usually 6 months behind what is really happening in the real estate market.
  • Prepare you to buy. My job is a consultive one.  I educate you about buying a home, market conditions, what a homes fair market value is, etc… You will be able to move forward with confidence.
  • Help you find the right home.  I can take you wants and needs, combined with some tools and help you find just the right home. I can provide you with daily email alerts, a mobile app as well as the most up to date access of the homes for sale.
  • Determine if your target home truly suits your needs.  When we do find the right home, I will help you analyze if this is the right home.  If it is not the right home I will remind you of past discussions and we will decide if your criteria has changed.
  • Analyze market value of the home.  When you do find the right home I will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis to help you determine fair market value of the home and structure a negotiating strategy based on other factors as well.
  • Help you prepare an offer. I understand buyers, listing agents, current market conditions and can help you structure an offer that gets accepted.
  • Negotiate the offer in a timely manner.  Time is of the essence when negotiating an offer, especially in a hot real estate market.
  • Help co-ordinate the closing between all the involved parties.  Once you offer is accepted there are dates, lawyers, paperwork, inspectors, etc… that need to be co-ordinated.  I have systems in place that bring us smoothly thru to the closing.
  • Makes sure you are comfortably settled in your new home.  After you close on your home I am always available to answer questions.

Besides the above services a buyer’s agent is in a legal relationship and owe you the following;

  1. Fiduciary Responsibility- A fiduciary responsibility is the highest standard of care.  Your needs, as the home buyer, must come before anything else
  2. Confidentiality-  Everything you share with your Buyer’s Agent is confidential…. during the transaction as well as beyond.
  3. Obedience-  A buyer’s agent must lawfully carry out your instructions.
  4. Accountability-  A buyer’s agent must always give you an accounting of the transaction.
  5. Loyalty-  A buyer’s agent must put you before a seller, their own company, their own beliefs.  They must do what is best for you.

A good buyer’s agent does not sell you a property but counsel you and advocate for you on your behalf. As mentioned before purchasing real estate is filled with many complexities, we do this every day and many of the aspects can be put on auto-pilot by us. Buying a home should be fun and not stressful.

Its as easy as 1,2,3!

Massachusetts Buyers Agency as Easy as 123, Massachusetts Buyers Agent

How much does a Buyer’s Agent cost? It’s FREE!!

Most sellers have already agreed to pay a fee to a buyer’s agent in their agreement to list their property.

If you are looking for a Massachusetts Buyers Agent, contact me for your free, no obligation buyer consultation.  I am confident I can help you make the most of your next home purchase.

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