Why Didn’t My Listing Agent………Take better Photos!!

Because of my background in advertising and commercial photography, I put a heavy emphasis on the quality of the photographs we take to market your home on the internet and printed flyers.  I have over $2500 in photographic equipment I use to photograph a home and will spend two to three hours photographing you home.

One of my rules that I try to follow is that the front of the home has full sunlight on the front and blue sky in the background.  I will go back until I can achieve this if possible.  About 70% of the homes this can be achieved by timing when you arrive to photograph the house.  Unfortunately the homes facing northwards cannot not get this type of photograph, as the sun never hits the front of the home.  There are two reasons why I try to achieve this:

  1. Homes that are bright with a blue sky are just happy!!  who doesn’t love a bright sunny day!
  2. Your eye will naturally go towards a photo with more contrast.  Subliminally when you are looking at a group of photos you can ensure that your home will attract more attention.

Here is a home I just re-listed after being with another agent.  Unfortunately the trees prevented a more head on shot but I went back three times until I had the lighting just right.

Prior Photo                                                         My Photo

Lastly I have put together a little video of how home buyers search for homes.  When choosing a listing agent to market your home, I believe its important to find an agent that takes great real estate photographs to highlight your home.

[iframe http://youtu.be/IEouipdOArU 360 520]