A UHaul Move, A Good Experience

UHaul MoveI recently helped a friend make a semi-long-distance move.  My friend was moving a 4 room apartment into storage into a garage about 150 miles away.  We ultimately decided that doing a UHaul move would be the most economical choice, as my friend would shortly be moving again and would have to pay for two moves would be costly.

I started by getting quotes from various companies about doing the entire move.

Being a REALTOR, I called my go-to movers, Bresnanhan’s Moving out of Plaistow, NH.  I have used them and recommended them numerous times to buyers and sellers.   Bresnahan’s quote was about $1200-1500 without seeing the place.  Fairly reasonable and I knew I could count on them.

Then, the local mover, too close to the starting point, gave me a guaranteed quote of $1800 after filling out an extensive form of items.

Finally several national companies that contract local movers were contracted and I seemed to get quotes between $1200-1800.  I did not get the best feeling because I was just dealing with a middleman.  I felt this was not the way to go.

The UHaul Move

Out of curiosity, I called to see what a UHaul rental would be and received a quote for $139.00 for a two-day truck rental for a 150-mile trip. Turning 50 this year, the thought of hauling furniture up and down stairs was too much. 

I asked you, UHaul, if they had labor that could be hired for my UHaul move.  Luckily, they have a whole section of contacts for contracted labor on their website.   Though we did not use additional services, you could hire people to pack and do a final clean!

Quotes started at $150 to $230 for two-man labor crews for 2 hours.  We decided on a two-man crew for 3 hours at $290.  At the final destination, we were offloading from the back of the truck into a garage.  We recruited friends and family members, so we did not hire labor on the back end.

UHaul Rental with contracted labor

My Overall Experience of My UHaul Move

My overall experience was outstanding.  The truck was ready when it was supposed to be.  The on-location person on site was beneficial.   Their advice was spot on, from choosing the right truck size to knowing what else we need.  They recommended renting furniture pads and a dolly, which I did not consider myself.

On a side note, UHaul has every type of moving box imaginable.   The boxes are the cheapest I could find and will allow you to return unused boxes!

Much to my surprise, the hired labor was outstanding! 2 men showed up a few minutes late, but we will call it on time.  They hustled.  More importantly, they expertly packed the truck.  Nothing could move around as the items were packed so tight.  They were done in just over two hours, were polite and did their job.  We did not lift one finger at the starting point.

All said and done, the UHaul move cost about $530, excluding packing supplies but including labor, gas, insurance, and rental.  I definitely would consider UHaul again for a small move.

Find A “UHaul Near Me”

Finding a Uhaul rental center near you is easy. U-Haul is a sizeable national change and offers plenty of locations near you.

Simply Google “UHaul near me” and a map of U-Haul facilities near you.  Pay attention to the service of each location.  Services and hours for U-Haul facilities vary greatly.  Some locations are drop off and pick up of trucks only. Others are service centers to rent trucks and other moving equipment like storage pods as well as moving supplies.

My UHaul Move Perspective as a REALTOR

As a REALTOR who has watched many home buyers move, with many trying to save a buck by renting a truck and recruiting friends, I highly suggest hiring at least some labor.  These guys knew what they were doing and they were fast.  Items were packed perfectly in the truck and nothing was damaged.    Often I see self packed trucks either not packed efficiently so many trips need to be made or packed poorly and items fall over and get damaged.

Another thing I noted was that buying the boxes from UHaul, there was a uniformity to the boxes that made them very easy to pack into the truck.  U can pick up boxes at a location or order online.  A 1-2 bedroom packing kit includes 55 boxes and packing tape for about $125.00. It beat trying to pull together all these oddball box sizes from dumpsters and local stores.

If you are trying to save money on a move, consider renting a UHaul and contracting some labor.  Often, loading the truck can be difficult due to time constraints, and you can save money on the back end by having family and friends help with the unloading.  I checked the contract help reviews, and they were marginally good.  At the end of the day my experience was excellent, we didn’t break the bank or our backs.