Top 5 Showing Tips to Sell Your Home

I have put together a list of the top 5 showing tips to sell your home.  It is important to make the most of every showing, every potential showing means a potential offer.  You don’t want a missed opportunity because you were unprepared.

1) Curb Appeal

The first impression the home buyer gets of your home is usually the lasing impression. Don’t turn them off before they hit the front door. Start from the street and enter like a buyer would if you can’t be objective have a friend do it for you. Good curb appeal will attract drive by traffic as well as entice the home buyers doing drivebys into scheduling a showing.

  • Your landscaping should be neat, trimmed and in good shape.  As spring approaches a good over seeding can get you a nice lush lawn for the spring.
  • Make sure your driveway is in good repair.  Sometimes sealing the cracks and a new coat of sealer can go a long way.
  • Is all the lawn equipment, trash barrels and play equipment out of view and neatly stored?
  • Make sure your walk ways are in good repair and well lit.
  • Your entrance ways should be in good repair and freshly painted.  Peeling railings and beat up front doors can benefit from a quick coat of paint.

2) A Pleasant Welcome

Make your home buyers feel at home, n0t like an inconvenience.

  • Make your home accessible.  Try not to have too many showing restrictions or deny showing because it is inconvenient.
  • Don’t insist that home buyers take their shoes off.  Most buyers are very respectful and its just insulting.
  • Vacate your home and give the home buyers plenty of time to view their home.  Don’t sit across the street in your neighbors driveway watching what’s going on…. it’s just creepy.
  • Try to remove your pets.  Their is nothing worse then a dog barking it’s head off in a crate.  As much as you love your dog don’t assume everyone does.

3) Light It Up

Make your home more welcoming by lightening it up.  A well lit home is far more appealing than a dark home.

  • If you know a showing is coming, light up your home by turning on every light in your house.
  • Add lights if needed.
  • Open up shades blinds and curtains and let the light in.  Many times my home stager will recommend removing window treatments for showings.
  • Don’t forget the basement, closets and garage.

4) Play Down the Smells

Try to neutralize pet odors, cooking odors or any other odors in your home.  Have an objective friend come into your home and see if they notice any odors that might be offensive to buyers.

  • Do not try to mask smells with a fragrance.  many people have allergies and buyers start to suspect you are covering something up.
  • Again don’t light candles that can give of a scent.

5) Housekeeping

  • Make sure your house is sparkling clean.
  • Keep the rooms clear of clutter so people can actually see the room.
  • Get the clutter off the sinks in the bathrooms.  If you have to keep baskets or tote bags handy that you can pack your toiletries up and stow them in a closet.
  • Clear your kitchen counters of any unused appliances and personal items.

Make the most of every showing by using these 5 showing tips.  Remember your house is competing with similar homes in the market place and all it takes is one buyer to get your home sold.  Make sure your buyers are welcome and leave a lasting impression.

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