Why Should You Need A Realtor To Buy Or Sell A Home?

The question of whether you need a REALTOR to sell or buy a home is often controversial. But we think it is needed. The main thing is that you must clearly understand what you expect from working with a realtor. What can a realtor be entrusted or entrusted with? We will help you figure it out.

Do you Need a REALTOR

What do you have to do:

It seems that the transaction is simple:

  • Find a home or buyer
  • Draw up a sales contract
  • Register a deal
  • Make a calculation

You can handle the home selling process – if you have the necessary knowledge and extensive experience in real estate transactions. But more often than not, a real estate transaction is the most expensive and rare transaction in a person’s life, so the experience you need is simply not there. And at each stage, many risks and difficulties await you. Here the REALTOR will come to the rescue.

Cooperation with a REALTOR has many advantages for both the buyer and the seller. To get them, you need to draw up an agreement with a REALTOR or agency, in which you clearly write down all the services you want to receive and fix the amount of the commission.

How will you benefit from working with a realtor?

If you buy a property:

Save time:

It can take up to 3 months to search for real estate, prepare documents and complete a transaction. Are you ready to call every day for all more or less suitable ads, go around the city in search of housing, stand in line for documents and worry that you may be deceived?

✅ Reduced cost:

The REALTOR acts in your best interest and will certainly help you get a discount from the seller of the apartment. Knowing the real estate market and the psychology of the seller, the realtor can give the right arguments to reduce the cost. In a successful scenario, the price of an apartment can be reduced by 100 thousand rubles, and in large cities and much more. 

✅ Selection of a suitable option:

The REALTOR will not take you to numerous homes and will immediately begin to offer options that suit your requirements. Location, price, layout, ecology, infrastructure – an experienced realtor will take into account everything that is important for your comfortable life.

✅ Impartial assessment:

The REALTOR has already looked at hundreds of properties and will not share your enthusiasm for the apartment just because it has a large kitchen. A specialist will inspect the apartment with a professional eye and will voice all the shortcomings. For example, proximity to an industrial zone, a disadvantaged area, a corner location and dampness of an apartment, lack of parking or a playground.  

✅ Everything under control:

The REALTOR will make sure that the property is transferred in the form that you agreed with the seller. Checking the payment of debts for utility bills and electricity, monitoring the statement of the seller and his family members, signing the act of acceptance and transfer of property – this is the realtor’s area of ​​responsibility.

If you are selling real estate:

Save time:

A realtor knows exactly on which sites to place an ad, depending on the type of your property, the urgency of the sale. Knows how and when to connect paid promotion. This will help speed up the exit to a trade. In addition, a realtor can show your property to potential buyers without your participation. This is very convenient if you do not live in the apartment you are selling.

✅ Favorable selling price:

If you are a seller, a realtor can help you determine an adequate market price for your property. You will not be able to miscalculate the cost and not delay the sale. In addition, the realtor can provide valuable advice on how to increase the value – for example, he can offer and even arrange for minor cosmetic repairs.

✅ Best Buyer:

An experienced realtor will immediately understand how the buyer is ready for the deal and will not waste your time. He will warn if a deal with a specific buyer may be delayed – for example, if the buyer first needs to sell the apartment himself. In addition, the realtor will definitely help in alternative or complex transactions – for example, with minor owners.

✅ Everything under control:

The realtor will help prepare for the transaction – collect documents, draw up a purchase and sale agreement, control registration and settlement with the buyer.

How much does a REALTOR’s services cost?

The cost of a REALTOR’s services, on average, is 2-5% of the price of an apartment. It may depend on the region, the type of property and the services that are included in your contract. It is very important to sign a contract with a REALTOR. In the contract, it is necessary to list in advance all the services that you want to receive and fix the amount of the commission. If a REALTOR takes a percentage of the cost, and not a specific amount, write down what percentage and from what kind of value (for example, from the selling price or from the price in the contract, if for some reason they may differ).

How to choose a REALTOR:

When choosing a REALTOR, pay attention to the agency’s reputation and experience. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Ask what guarantees you will receive. Profile sites can also help in choosing a REALTOR. You can get referrals from friends and family. You can find local agents online where you can also see their customer ratings and reviews. 


If you have free time, you can buy a home or sell it yourself.

You will have to pay for the work of a REALTOR. But, if you are making a deal for the first time, you may have difficulties, which will help the realtor to deal with. It can turn the important and difficult process of buying or selling a home into a predictable and enjoyable experience.

Author Bio:

The article is written by Vaneet Sethi. He is a Successful Real estate agent. He started his career as REALTORr under Century21 Coastal Realty Ltd. and grew up as a successful real estate agent with a number of happy clients. Now he managed his own company i.e. Abbotsford Houses. The aim of the company to provide the best homes for sale in Abbotsford BC and its surrounding area.


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