10 Organizing Tips for Your Garage That Will Impress Home Buyers

We all know how difficult it gets when it comes to arranging your home garage. Most often, it ends up like a dump, where we put all unwanted things. If you are reading this right now, I’m sure you face the same issue as well.

To help you with that problem, I’ll list down a few tips that could help you organize your garage better and impress home buyers at the same time. I hope these tips are useful to you!

Creating a floor plan

It is essential to come up with a garage floor plan. It helps you know the space your garage occupies in a better way. For instance, you get to learn more about the dimensions needed while your storage units.

When you create the floor design, it’s like you set a plan for the garage. Through the plan, you can decide what things you would place where. For example, keeping all the daily needed items at one corner, spare parts of the vehicle at another, etc.

Storage Cabinets

In any organized garage, you will always find neat and unique storage cabinets. They help to store your things appropriately. You could also label each cabinet for better classification.

Based on your garage dimensions, you could also use customized cabinets. These will fit your garage perfectly and also ensure that no extra space is occupied. In addition, the larger and spacious your cabinet is, the better and well organized your garage turns out.

Garage Monkey Bars

If your garage isn’t much wide and spacious, you could use monkey bars. The wall unit stays off the ground, thereby not acquiring any space in your garage. It hangs on the wall and can carry all the items that you would like to hang.

The monkey bars might seem delicate but are long-lasting and best for small garages. In addition, they give the garage a clean and well-designed look. It is also an excellent way to store your bicycles. You can check more tips on how to store your bike here.

Vertical stacking

If you have bins and chairs, try stacking those vertically. Horizontal storing only takes more area and looks messy. Most often, they get pushed in some corner, making the garage shabby.

You could opt for storage towers that are easy to manage and unique as well. In addition, they are attractive and can be made more colorful by storing different color bins at different places.

With the sides, you could try attaching hooks or small nails that might hold other hanging items.

Wall-mounted shelves/planks

Open shelves or blanks are always better than other cabinets. You can either use the plywood planks or metal shelves that you get on the market. It provides you with space where you can place or even hang things accordingly.

You can use this surface to place items efficiently and in proper order. As the planks make the storing space visible, you get to play with the order in which you want the things to stay and make your garage look better.

Overage storage ideas

A new tip that might seem very helpful for small garages is the overhead storing space. Most often, we fail to ignore the ceiling area as a location to store items. You could build a ceiling storage system that can hold light things.

You will need a few wooden bars based on the size and dimension of the things you want to store. Once built and fixed appropriately, you can hang your stuff there with ultimate ease.

Door/Window locks

The locking system is often ignored and not taken seriously. You must ensure that your doors and windows are locked appropriately. It helps in keeping your garage and its equipment safe.

Apart from that, it prevents any dust, dirt from entering and spoiling its cleanliness. Do not leave the garage open even if you are busy performing other tasks at the back of the house. So, along with proper organization, safety also gets considered.

Invest in proper lighting

Any place looks much more organized and neat when there is proper lighting. Unfortunately, most garages have a bare bulb or two, which makes them dull and less attractive. However, you could give fluorescent fixtures a try.

At times, even if your garage is well arranged, it fails to look pleasurable because of the lights. These lights acquire less space and electricity yet manage to brighten the place. Moreover, they work fine even during cold weather.

The more light-filled your garage is the more chances of it looking beautiful, thereby impressing house buyers.

Corner shelves

Corner shelves are a must-have for small garages. However, if your garage doesn’t have enough space, you could use custom-build corner shelves. You can use any plywood to make such shelves.

They do not occupy any space and look neat as they help store all small items in one corner. An advantage of having such shelves is that they are easy to build and are cost-effective.

They are even strong enough to hold all small cans, tins, glue bottles, and much more. The durability is long as well.

Time-to-time Clean

During summer, there is a chance of insects and other pests entering your garage. So make sure you clean it from time to time. Keep a small garbage bin in the garage that will help you tidy things up easily.

Also, clean the entire garage at least once a year. It helps in getting rid of unwanted things that get piled up over time. You can also vacuum the place at least once a week to keep it clean and neat.

Time to Sell

When it comes time to selling a home, a home seller will often forget about their garage when preparing their home for sale.  Don’t forget to make your garage part of any home preparation checklist.

A clean, well-organized garage will impress buyers.  Show them your home can help them be organized, it could be the tipping point for them to choose your home to buy.


Whether big or small, well-organized garages are 10 ten times more attractive than messy ones. So, these were a few of the basic tips most people aren’t aware of or haven’t tried yet.

If you do find them useful, give them a try, and you will love the way your garage turns out. It’s all about using the space wisely to store all that is needed and make it look beautiful at the same time. Good luck!