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Homes with Pools for Sale in Essex County and Middlesex County

This week we are hitting some steamy days.  Some home buyers love thought of buying a home with a pool and the hot days bring out the daydream of a house with a beautiful in-ground pool, impeccably landscaped.

How do Home Buyers in New England Perceive Homes with Pools

In other parts of the country pools can drastically increase the value of a home.  Not so in New England because of the very short season you have to use a pool in thee region.  What you will find her in Massachusetts is a mixed bag.  I am talking about in-ground pools here and not above ground pools which have no value to subtracting value if it needs to be removed.

You will find a variety of factors that will go into the value of a pool here in Massachusetts.

  1. Has the pool been well maintained and in tip top condition?  If the pool is in great shape and great condition you can get many home buyers thinking about how nice it may be to have a pool.  On the other hand if the pool and decking is looking tired and you have not properly maintained it, the pool could be a turn off.
  2. Is the pool properly fenced in an attractive manner?  By code, a pool needs to be properly fenced so no access can be gained by children.  Unfortunately many times I see a back door or slider open up to the pool area.  This is a big no-no.  Kids with young children will be very leery of purchasing a property without the proper safe guards for their children.   The fence also needs to be attractive and fit in with the overall landscaping of the property.
  3. Is it attractively decked and landscaped?  If the pool fits in nicely with the landscaping it certainly can become a large prat of the outdoor living space and can entice people who have really never thought of a pool before.

So How Much Value a Home with a Pool Add?

If your pool is rundown, the landscaping is poor and the maintenance has not been kept up, potential home buyers are going to subtract $5-10,000 to have it removed filled in and seeded.  It becomes a liability in a home buyers eyes.  If it is well landscaped, well maintained  and properly fenced it could add $10-15,000 or more…..

Advantages of Homes with Pools

  1. People who entertain a lot especially in the summer see that as a huge plus.
  2. Swimming pools are a great way to cool down and provide summer fun.
  3. Pools can be seen as adding to the landscape.

 Disadvantages of Homes with Swimming Pools

  1. Extra Expenses Maintaining the pool as well as repairs are going to have you reaching into your pocket every year.
  2. Extra Liability As a pool owner you have a responsibility to keep the neighborhood children and pets safe, as well as you will be required to carry extra insurance on your home.
  3. Eat up Valuable Space Swimming pools can eat up valuable yard space for a feature you may only enjoy two or three months out of the year.
  4. Cost on Re-Sale or Turn Away Buyers If the pool isn’t pleasantly integrated into the landscape and impeccably maintained it will cost you on re-sale.  No matter what there will be a certain amount of home buyers that will not consider a home with a pool…. period.

What Should I do If I am Considering a Home with a Pool?

Consider have a pool company come out and inspect the pool along with your regular home inspection.  This will be a good time to also ask about the expenses that can be expected with owning a pool as far as repair and ongoing maintenance.  Call your insurance company as well to make sure you understand the additional insurance cost.  Another smart move, is to make sure you check a years worth of utility bills from the seller to make sure you can handle the extra energy costs, especially if the pool is heated.

Ask you some of your friends who have pools how much work it is and if they feel the work is worth the enjoyment.  They can also give you an idea of yearly costs of maintaining a pool.

Lastly, if you know nothing about pools, make sure the pool is operational and running at the home inspection so you can bring a pool inspector in.  Don’t rely on the sellers word.  Make sure it is fully operational and understand what you are getting into.



This post, Homes with Pools for Sale in Essex County and Middlesex County was provided by Kevin Vitali of EXIT Group One Real Estate. Kevin, Your Massachusetts Realtor, can help make the most of your next home purchase.  From assessing your needs, to viewing homes, no negotiating an offer to a successful close Kevin is a Buyer’s Agent that can help you with your next purchase.

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