Great Online Marketing of Your Home, Starts with Great Photographs

You home must have exceptional online marketing

I don’t think any home sellers would dispute that great online marketing is a must for a home.  With over 91% of buyers starting their home search online, your home has to be found online.

Any online marketing of your home needs to start with great photographs.  Great images of your home will capture online buyers.  I did a recent post about an ocular study done to show how important photographs were to online marketing of a home.  Not only did the study show how important photography was, but also the quality of the photographs were important.

Online marketing of your home starts with great photographs

So we know that online marketing of your home is important.  Yet  we can see poor photograph after poor photographs of listed homes.

Great images of your home is the second most important aspect of marketing your home (first is the listing price).  I combine my previous professional photography career with my current real estate career to bring you exceptional marketing images of your home.  I recently did an instructional video for fellow real estate agents and real estate photographers on a technique I use.

I have the video posted below.  As a home seller, I don’t think you want to sit and watch the whole video.  It really is quite boring.  I post it only to show you the time and care I take in photographing a clients home.  The video talks about combining multiple exposures of the same image to create the best photograph possible.

This                             +This

= This

  The Results= Getting your home sold quickly and for top dollar

So, like I mentioned, it is not so important how I get there.  I just wanted home sellers to realize the effort I put into their listing and online marketing.  What does matter is….. on this particular listing, it expired with another agent after 120 days on the market, unsold.  Repackaged with new photographs, I sold it in under a week.  I think you can easily say that the quality of the photographs is important to the online marketing and the sale of your home.

If you would like a full marketing presentation of how I will get your home sold, call me at 978-360-0422.