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Market With Drone Photography and Videos

Drones for Real Estate marketingMy business partner and I invested a bunch of money and time into purchasing a high quality drone, receiving our remote pilots license and learning to fly a drone.  We wanted to provide drone services for marketing our home sellers home.

For us, we wanted to bring it drone services in house so we could provide drone photography and drone videography to every home seller where it might seem like a good fit.  Because we own the equipment and shoot the footage and stills ourselves we can provide drone services no matter the price point of the listing.

Advancement in Drone Technology Makes Aerial Videos and Stills Easy

While it is not easy for anyone to pick up a drone and get great video and stills of a home for sale, drone technology has come a long way.  We can provide aerial photography and video for a fraction of a cost of what it would have been to rent a plane and shoot an aerial.  And, the ease and use of the DJI Phantom 4 is unprecedented.

There are complex GPS and crash detection systems that make flying a drone relatively simple.  With the new FAA ruling of allowing commercial users to get a remote pilots license, it has allowed drone technology to get into the hands of everyone.

The Key to Great Aerial and Video Photography for Your Home

The key to getting great still photographs and video footage of your home with the drone is the 3 way gimbal that controls the camera.  The gimbal use 3 servo motors to stabilize the camera along with other vibration dampening systems.

The gimbal allows for very smooth video footage and photographs. 

Before we delve in lets look at this drone statistic from RIS Media.

According to MLS statistics, homes with aerial images sold 68 percent faster than homes with standard images.

Why Use a Drone For Real Estate Marketing

After setting a correct price for your home the image you create for you home through real estate photography and potential videos is the single most important marketing tool you have to sell your home.  Most of your home buyers will find your home through the internet.

A study by a Prof. Seiler points out you have seconds to capture a home buyers attention.  Once you do the majority of the buyer’s time is looking at the photographs of a home.  Over 60%….. his final word are show it don’t tell it!

So first and foremost yo need quality stills if the exterior and interior of the home.  But you can enhance your stills and even video marketing by using a drone.  What does a drone photography for real estate offer?

Drone Photography and Videography Offer a Unique Perspective

First and foremost drones offer the ability to take a unique perspective of your home that home buyers are not used to seeing.  Home buyers are not typically used to seeing aerial views of a home.  The mere novelty of it will catch their attention.

Really, that is what marketing is up about.  Getting a perspective buyer to notice and eventually buy!

But make no bones about it, aerial shots created by drones equipped with cameras will not be a novelty for long.  It will become a standard that most home buyers will expect in the years to come as drone technology simplifies the ease of taking aerial shot and footage of real estate for sale.

Drone Aerials Can Highlight How a Home Sits in its Surroundings

Drone for Real Estate Marketing Aerial ViewDrone for Real Estate Marketing Rear Aerial View






Rear 4Marketing with Drone Photography for Real Estate






With this particular home, the owners built there dream house on a piece of land that backed up to the tidal marshes.  The front view of this home allows to us to highlight a home as it sits in it’s surroundings.  You can see the spectacular view this home has on a daily basis.  While not really shown with this house you can give an overall view of the neighborhood or how a house sits on it’s lot.

Below you can see how some aerial video footage from a drone can really add to the marketing of your home.

Drone Aerial Video of a Home


How To Use Drone Aerial Stills and Video in Real Estate Marketing

Aerial Stills of Your Home

As I stated before there is nothing is more important than the having quality still photographs of your home.  The stills are what is uploaded to the MLS and than distributed across channels like Zillow, Realtor.com etc… 

Aerial stills if available should definitely be used to highlight your home and surroundings.

Aerial Videos of Your Home

Your listing agent should be utilizing video of your home on at least You Tube if not other channels.  A short video should be like an ad to want to compel home buyers to check out your home.  This video can be embedded in websites and shared across social media channels.

Aerial videos is where drone use for real estate can really shine.  It hits a home buyer’s on several levels.  The motion added by video with quality editing and the music can evoke an emotional response.  Again, that is what marketing is all about!!

Final Thoughts On Drones for Real Estate Marketing

Marketing your home with drone aerials is an exciting opportunity for home sellers.  It provide unique and exciting ways to make your home stand out from the crowd.  Drone photography is a unique way of presenting your home.  Drone photography is even more critical if the views or surroundings of your home are a key selling feature.

Seek out a listing agent on your home that offers drone photography.  Remember marketing your home is a numbers game the more people who see it the more likely you will get the offer you want.  maybe that one drone shot is what grabs a potential buyers attention.

Other Resources on Using Drones to Sell Real Estate:

Drones for Real Estate Marketing, was provided by Kevin Vitali of EXIT Group One Real Estate of Tewksbury MA. If you would like to sell or buy a home or discuss drone marketing for your home, give me a call at 978-360-0422 and let’s get the process started.

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    • Thanks for stopping by Seth. I was happy to include your post as a reference. I stopped shooting commercial work professionally in 1993 or so. To get an elevated or aerial view was a project. You had to rent a plane, a helicopter or a bucket truck. It required extensive coordination and money. Now aerial views can be done for next to nothing. Almost any properties marketing photos can be enhanced with an aerial view.

  1. I like the idea of having aerial photographs of a home that I got interested in online. My uncle asked me for advice on how to sell his old short-term rental property for extra maintenance medicine money. I’ll probably suggest that he seek out a photographer to attract more property buyers online.

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