What does Adobe Photoshop have to do with Real Estate?

As a photographer turned turned real estate agent,  I have learned over the years that great real estate photography sells homes.  If you don’t think so read this article about real estate photography with some great statistics and home buyer patterns.   The study goes to show you have about 20 seconds to capture a home buyers attention on the internet.  If you don’t you have lost them.

Adobe Photoshop and Real Estate Photography

So what does Adobe Photoshop have to do with real estate?  Well if you are a real estate agent interested in providing your home sellers with the very best images of their home or hire a professional photographer than Adobe Photoshop has everything to do with real estate.  Adobe Photoshop puts the finishing touches on your clients real estate photography.

I, as a real estate agent, have been using Adobe Photoshop for my real estate photography.  Almost every real estate photograph I take is run through Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom.  Following is a tutorial I just posted on a Google+ Community, Photography for Real Estate, that I started and moderate.

Photoshop is definitely not used to manipulate your home and turn it into something it is not.  It is used to enhance digital photography to match more what a home buyer would see when they personally view their home.

So as a home seller, I don’t expect you to sit down and watch the whole video.  But, the video will give you an idea of what some of the very best agents are providing home sellers for real estate photography, either by taking their own photographs or hiring a professional.

Below are a sample of the same house taken by two different agents.  Photoshop can help correct converging verticals and create an exposure to create a well balanced scene.  Remember a digital camera does not capture what the eye sees, it has far less of a dynamic range than the human eye.

If your listing agent today is pulling out an iPhone or a simple point and shoot camera to photograph your home it may be time to rethink your involvement with that agent. There are many agents who take the images of their clients home way more serious. These top agent either no how to photograph a home or will hire a professional real estate photography.

I tell my home selling clients that your first showings are online.  If your home falls in the parameters of a home buyers search, your first few photographs can make or break you.


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