Tewksbury MA Real Estate Market Update

Tewksbury MA Real Estate Update 07/27/17

tewksbury MA Market Update July 2017

Whats the Real Estate Market Like In Tewksbury MA?

With home prices on a significant rise in the greater market area we are seeing many segments of the market as being a red hot sellers market.   Tewksbury MA is no exception to that rule.  The real estate market in Tewksbury MA is hot and strong.

We are looking at what has happened over the 6 months.  Currently the median house price is $412,000 in Tewksbury up from $388,000 a year ago.  Average days to offer is down to 21 days versus 30 days.

Current inventories are dwindling creating a competition among borrowers.

What Does a Typical Single Family Home Look Like in Tewksbury?

I took the median house price and went 20% in either direction so you can get an idea of what the average home looks like in Tewksbury MA.

Lowest Priced Homes in Tewksbury MA

The lowest priced home in Tewksbury Massachusetts was $199,900 in the past 6 months.

Highest Priced Homes in Tewksbury MA



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