Ashby Massachusetts- Trap Falls

I was showing homes in Groton Massachusetts yesterday and wrapped up about 3pm.  Williard Brook State Park was just a few towns away in Ashby  and Townsend MA and I had my camera with me.  I heard these falls were pretty decent and I wanted to take a few photos.  Sometimes it is amazing what beauty we can find in our own backyards if we look.

Willard Brook State Park is about 2500 acres of forest that can usually only be found in the most western part of the state.  It is about 50 miles from Boston.  It has hiking trails and and campsites.  I only parked right at the falls just over the Townsend line in Ashby and walked to the falls and followed the brook for about a thousand feet.  I did not get the opportunity to hike around the forest.  It is a trip I would like to make again and spend some more time checking out the forest.

Photos of Trapp Falls, Ashby MA

Willard Brook State Park


What does photography have to do with Real Estate?  Not much.  But I enjoy photography and sharing my images.  I have started a category on my Massachusetts Real Estate Blog, The Beauty Around Us.  I will occasionally be sharing images I take in my travels, around my market and area and New England in general.  Sometimes there is beauty right next to us and we miss it.

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