Short Sale Closed in Tyngsborough MA

Friday, amongst all the chaos of the storm I managed to successfully close on another Tyngsbourgh Massachusetts Short Sale.

The lien holders were local Jean d”Arc Credit Union and a small second with Citibank.  As most short sales go the seller was able to walk away with the debt forgiven by both lien holders.  The forgiveness of debt allows my client to move with one less burden hanging over their head.

Another Short Sale Closed

While the real estate market is definitely showing signs of a rebound, there are still many home owners feeling the burden of missed or late mortgage payments.  Short sales are a very complex real estate transaction and requires a real estate agent that is skilled in the process.  Over the past 7 years I have successfully closed on 95% of the short sales I have received.  My success has allowed many homeowners to get out from underneath a burdensome mortgage payment.

If you are a Massachusetts home owner that is struggling with their mortgage, missed mortgage payments or forced to sell your home but are underwater,  give me a call at 978-360-0422.  I can discuss your options with you whether it be a loan modification, bankruptcy or a short sale.

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