Andover MA Short Sale Closed

I have successfully closed another Andover MA Short Sale. While the market has picked up and homes are appreciating there are still homeowners that need to short sale their home.   Homeowners that need to do a short sale can be found in Andover or any number of surrounding communties in Essex or Middlesex counties.

Short sales can be very complicated transactions and requires a short sale agent that has experience.  Experience is crucial in navigating the short sale negotiations.  Whether you require an Andover MA Short Sale or a short sale in any other community you can learn more about Massachussets short sales by clicking the link.

Andover MA Short Sale Closed

10 Algonquin Ave, Andover MA closed on March 10th 2016 for $540,000.  The short sale required approval from two lien holders and left a very large deficiency balance.  Both liens, the first and second, were held by Wells Fargo.  While a short sale does take some time to complete, I am finding I am having  very good luck with Wells Fargo.  10 Algonquin was a HAFA (Home Affordable Act) short sale.

HAFA short sales, if approved, automatically release the seller from any future deficiency judgements and writes off any balances as settled with the credit agencies.

A short sale can provide homeowners with two major benefits.  Less impact on credit as well as not worrying about the bank going after the deficiency balance owed on the home.  The owners of 10 Algonquin in Andover were able to get the full benefits of a short sale with their lien holders.  This short sale was definitely far more beneficial than letting the home go to foreclosure.


This article, Andover MA Short Sale Closed, was provided by Kevin Vitali of EXIT Group One Real Estate.  If you are in danger of missing mortgage payments or have missed mortgage payments, please feel free to contact me to discuss your options to foreclosure.

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