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Interactive Floor Plans Help Get Your House SOLD!!

Get your house sold with Interactive Floor Plans

by Massachusetts Realtor

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Interactive are just one of the tools I use to market a sellers home.  Most of my moderately priced to expensive listings get an interactive floor plan to be used on the , property websites and more…. as another virtual tool to help get your home sold in today’s real estate market.

What are the benefits of an Interactive Floor Plan

  1. Provides the potential home buyer with a true sense of the space that your home offers that cannot be felt from photos alone
  2. Links provided to photos of your home showing the angle they were taken from.
  3. Allows potential home buyers to move and size furniture.
  4. Links directly from the Massachusetts MLS.
  5. Its a unique tool that many agents do not utilize.

Watch the video on Interactive Floor Plans



An interactive floor plan can set your listing apart from the competition.  It is a great listing tool to help get your house sold.  So many buyer’s are using the to shop for their new home.  What they want is information, so give it to them.

If you would like to know more about a full online presentation of your home and how it can help you sell your house for more money, contact Kevin Vitali at 978-360-0422


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