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Are you denying showings of your home?

All it takes is one home buyer, don't deny showings.


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Lets face it, showings of your home to potential homeowners can be inconvenient.  You have to straighten up and vacate your home.  The longer your home is on the market the more of a burden home showings seem to be.  Sometimes, you don’t even get a lot of notice letting you know a home buyer would like to see your home.

Occasionally, I have home sellers that just seem to deny half the showings that are requested.  We have family, we have to get the kids of to soccer, I have to bake a cake for my nephews birthday party or a myriad of other reasons that seem to make it impossible to show their home.  Yet they wonder why their home doesn’t sell.  Based on many years in the business, I can tell you after being denied one showing, there is only an 80% chance we try to schedule another showing.  Deny two showings and the chances of us trying to schedule another  drops below 50%.

The denied showing and the lost offer

I did four showings yesterday, 1 condominium in one complex and 3 condominiums in another.  The complex with the three had two different styles, my client preferred one style over another.  Funny thing, there was another unit right next door priced exactly the same as the style they liked, but that showing was denied.  No reason was given except that it was inconvenient for the seller.  Guess what, instead of waiting to see the second unit, we wrote an offer on the one unit we could see.  he client did not want to wait to see the other unit.

It makes you wonder, was there something about the unseen unit that would have been more attractive to my client?  Was it worth denying the showing?

All it takes is one showing of your home for an offer!

Remember, all it takes is just one person to be interested in your home.   Generally, I tell seller’s that between 12-20 showings and you should have an offer if the home is priced properly, prepared for buyers and marketed well.  Showings = offers = getting your home sold!

Knowing that all it takes is one buyer to sell your home, try to maximize every showing and allow every showing to occur.  Yes, there are times in life where it is impossible to do a showing and that is certainly alright.  But denying showing after showing will cost you money in the end.  Don’t turn away a potential home buyer.

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