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Home Pricing and its Relationship to Buyer Activity

by Massachusetts Realtor

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When choosing a list price for your home, realize that the price you choose will have a direct impact on the and response.  In today’s real estate market it is important to list your home right at the market.  Your list price should be indicated by what similar homes have sold for not homes that are actively listed or homes that have expired unsold.

Top of Triangle

Sellers decision to price above retail

  • 97% dissatisfied with their Real Estate Agent.  60-90 day on the market and frustration levels intensify.
  • Will require price
  •  0-5 showings per month
  • Very little feedback or interest from any buyers.
  • Realtors use your house to JUSTIFY value in other homes.  Your home is being used to show the value in homes priced propertly
  • High online traffic with little or no click through or showing requests from buyers.

Sellers Decision to Price at Retail

  • 72% dissatisfied with their Realtor
  • Above average market times,
  • Sometimes requires a price change or two before selling
  • 5-10 showings per month
  • Limited feedback Realtors do not return calls… move on to next house
  • High online traffic with little click through to showing request

At Market, Hard Pricing at recent Pending and Closed

  • Below average market time.
  •  8-15 showings per month.
  •  Realtors and Buyers are engaged with 2nd showings and offers.
  •  High online traffic with high click through to showing request.

Wholesale Pricing

  • 30 days or less on the market
  • Multiple offers- Generally sells for more than asking price
  • As Is sale terms, home inspection goes much easier





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